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Meet Our Founder: Miranda Kishel, MBA, CVA, CBEC

Any entrepreneur will tell you that there's nothing quite as special as a small business. It's not just a means of income; often, it's the most cherished and personally fulfilling endeavor an entrepreneur can embark upon. However, a significant portion of a small business's potential often remains untapped. Without the proper knowledge and tools, the entrepreneurial journey can sometimes transform into a financial puzzle. This challenge is one that countless entrepreneurs confront, and it's one that can define the path to financial success or uncertainty.

If you're a small business owner seeking to unlock your business's full potential, Miranda Kishel is the expert you need by your side.
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This is where Development Theory founder, Miranda Kishel, comes into the picture. Miranda is a seasoned professional with an impressive array of qualifications. She is on a mission to help business owners unlock the full potential of their businesses through value growth advisory and exit planning services.

A Diverse Background, a Wealth of Expertise

Miranda's journey in the business world is nothing short of fascinating. She's worn multiple hats, including small business owner, consultant, lender, accountant, and real estate developer. Her diverse experience provides her with a unique perspective that few possess. Miranda's entrepreneurial spirit ignited early, leading her to start a real estate development company in her early twenties. Through grit and determination, she managed significant construction projects and built a portfolio of investment properties in her hometown of Tower, Minnesota. It was a firsthand experience in entrepreneurship that would shape her early career.

Miranda's journey led her to the banking, accounting, and tourism industries, enriching her understanding of the multifaceted business world. Along the way, Miranda honed her skills and knowledge, ultimately earning an MBA from Capella University. She also holds NACVA's prestigious Certified Valuation Analyst ("CVA") designation and the IEPA's cutting-edge Certified Business Exit Consultant ("CBEC") designation.

A Commitment to Community and Economic Development

Miranda's professional journey isn't just about personal achievement. She's been deeply committed to her community and its economic development. In her past role at the Entrepreneur Fund, she provided a blend of consulting, lending, and valuation services to small business owners in northern Minnesota. Miranda assisted in the redesign and teaching of courses on strategic business planning, and broke internal company records for SBA microloans written and coronavirus grant dollars distributed to local business owners.

She has also served as the Treasurer/Secretary of the Tower Economic Development Authority, a subcommittee of the Tower City Council that promotes local business and housing development. Miranda was also the co-Executive Director of the Lake Vermilion Chamber of Commerce, actively supporting area businesses and fostering community connections.

Notable Achievements and a Vision for the Future

Miranda's journey is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the difference one individual can make. Her multifaceted background, commitment to professional development, and passion for her community all converge in her mission to help small business owners thrive.

In our blog series, you'll get to experience Miranda's expertise and the invaluable guidance she provides to entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for her insights into business valuation, growth planning, exit strategies, and more.

Miranda Kishel is more than a professional; she's a dynamic force driving small business success and community development. Her journey is an inspiring one, and her impact is undeniable. So, if you're a small business owner seeking to unlock your business's full potential, Miranda Kishel is the expert you need by your side.


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