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The Genesis of Development Theory: How Our Company Got Its Name

Every venture has its beginning, and for Development Theory, it's a story that resonates with the essence of its mission. The name "Development Theory" isn't just a random amalgamation of words; it encapsulates a purpose and a philosophy.

Development Theory Logo

As the brainchild of Miranda Kishel, MBA, CVA, CBEC, Development Theory emerged from a profound understanding of the challenges faced by small business owners. Miranda recognized that many entrepreneurs held within their businesses untapped potential, the key to financial security and fulfillment. Yet, this wealth was often locked away, inaccessible due to a lack of knowledge and the right tools.

In this realization, Miranda saw an opportunity. She envisioned a place where business owners could find not just solutions but a comprehensive theory of development – a framework that would guide them in unlocking the full potential of their businesses.

Development Theory became the embodiment of this vision. It's a place where expertise, experience, and empathy converge to provide small business owners with the knowledge and tools they need to prosper.

The name itself reflects the mission - to foster the development of businesses, not just for financial gain, but for personal growth and security.

It's a theory that encapsulates the essence of Miranda's journey and her commitment to ensuring that entrepreneurs can fully realize the potential within their enterprises.

In every aspect of Development Theory's services, you find this philosophy at work. From business valuations to growth plans to exit strategies, the aim is the same: to provide entrepreneurs with a roadmap for their development. The name is a constant reminder of the core belief that every small business can thrive and that its owner can secure not just a prosperous exit but a fulfilling future.

Development Theory isn't just a name; it's a purpose, a commitment, and a story. It's a place where entrepreneurs find not just a theory, but the practical means to realize their potential, making their small businesses not just profitable ventures but sources of personal and financial fulfillment.


Development Theory

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